• Feeling stuck with a difficult case? Not sure how to work your way through, or what to try next?
  • Join us for this:
  • Common Problems in the Practice of EFT: Advanced Workshop
  • with Gail Palmer and Rebecca Jorgensen
  • If you feel stuck at times in your EFT sessions, you're not alone. Training, according to research in learning EFT skills, is the factor most associated with developing EFT skills. Greater self-compassion, emotional-processing capacity, and greater competency come not only with training and supervision but with community support.
  • This workshop is designed to provide you with what you need most to gain more competency: training, supervision, and community support so you can learn how to:
  • Face feelings of frustration or confusion while trying to use the model.
  • Effectively respond if feeling frozen or demoralized in session.
  • Connect using deeper emotional levels.

Meet Your Trainers

Gail Palmer, ICEEFT Co-Director

Gail Palmer, EFFT Co-Developer Gail Palmer, (RMFT, MSW) is one of the Founding Members of the Ottawa Couple and Family Institute and Co-Director of the International Center of Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.  She holds a Masters degree in Social Work and is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist in Canada. Over the past 30 years, Gail has worked closely with Dr Sue Johnson, creator of Emotionally Focused Therapy, and is an experienced supervisor and trainer in EFT. She currently offers workshops, externships and core skills trainings to mental health professionals in a variety of settings across the world. She chairs the ICEEFT Education Committee and is responsible for mentoring and training EFT trainers internationally. Gail is an adjunct faculty member at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada and a sessional lecturer at Oxford University, Oxford, England.

Gail has a particular interest in applying the model with families. For the past decade, Gail has been a leading EFT trainer developing and expanding Sue Johnson’s EFFT method as described in Johnson, S.M. (2004) The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy: Creating Connection. (New York, NY: Brunner Routledge.) Gail’s work has included EFFT trainings across North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand, presentations at EFT summits, workshops at the Networker and AAMFT, publications in the EFFT workbook and casebook, articles in professional journals and the ICEEFT newsletter. Professionally, Gail’s primary passion is to help both newly-trained and experienced EFT therapists bring the powerful interventions and skills of this model to the family therapy room.

Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD, Certified EFT Trainer

Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen Dr. Jorgensen did her training in Emotionally Focused Therapy with Dr. Sue Johnson. She is Co-Founder and Director at the Training and Research Institute the San Diego Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy. She maintains a clinical practice specializing in Intensive Couple Therapy, in conjunction with advancing online education and training on attachment and EFT at her office in Baja California (Mexico). You will often find her doing webcasts, webinars and hanging out on various virtual platforms. You can follow her on FB and Twitter where she supports professionals learning EFT and couples who want to be strengthen their relationships.

Becca is passionate about advancing education and training in Emotionally Focused Therapy. She offers Hold Me Tight© for Therapists around the globe and has two best selling training videos, Emotionally Focused Therapy: A Complete Treatment and Emotionally Focused Therapy: Step by Step.

With Support From Local Supervisor

Dr. Cindy Zane

Certified EFT Couple Therapist

Cindy is a Hawaii Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist. Born and raised in Hawaii, Cindy is of a multi-ethnic background with strong identification to her Hawaiian/Japanese cultural roots and Christian beliefs. She enjoys working with couples to heal and strengthen their relationships. After all, the best experiences in life are made better, and the hardest life experiences are less burdensome, by sharing it with a partner to whom one feels deeply connected. Cindy is also passionate about strengthening her local communities by facilitating the development of more EFT couple therapists across Hawaii.


  • Structured around videotape examples that are oriented around working with specific stuck places, e.g. shut down withdrawers, strident pursuers, highly escalated couples, or issues related to therapist reactivity Rebecca and Gail will work one-on-one with volunteer participants to process the stuck spot. In this experiential training you will observe, relate to, and then practice moving through the stuck spot via role play and specific entry interventions.

  • Develop new skills and trust in the model


  • This one-day workshop is designed for EFT therapists who want to advance their skills. In the practice of EFT, It is common to experience stuck places in therapy. This workshop helps participants to identify, explore, and process impasses in their clinical work. Don't remain frustrated, discouraged, and isolated. Through the safety and guidance provided by Becca and Gail, participants will work through these very common but difficult spots.

  • Learn to turn when it feels counterintertutive.

This EFT Consultation Day will address common stuck spots that EFT therapists face. Through video examples, consultation, and practice you will experience how to face difficult junctures and successfully navigate them.
Join us to grow and develop your EFT skills.

Honolulu – March 9, 2019

This master class is intended to help you engage and move smoothly  through difficult spots like working with shut-down withdrawers, strident pursuers, highly escalated couples, or issues related to therapist reactivity.

Safe, fun and experiential learning designed for therapists who’ve had EFT training and want to advance their skills.

A workshop designed to accelerate your agility and ability when you hit those tough spots. 

  • This program offers practical strategies to work with the common difficulties in helping couples continue movement through the EFT change events.
  • Learn how to utilize EFT interventions to work with shut-down withdrawers.
  • Learn how to move past enactment blocks.
  • Review and practice skills to manage highly escalated couples.
  • You can be more confident as you support couples in developing secure attachment and happy relationships.

Strengthen Your EFT Skills 

Date and Times

March 9, 2019
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Lunch break: 12:30 – 2:00pm


Manoa Innovation Center
Presentation Room
2800 Woodlawn Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822


$175 Early Bird by Feb. 9th, 2019
$200 Regular

Questions? Contact

Dr. Cindy Zane

(808) 386-3055


Participants are required to have completed an EFT Externship.

Case Presentations

We will work with video tapes of selected volunteer participants. If you don’t have a video, bring a memory.

Choose 5 minutes of video (or a spot in a session you remember) that displays your work with a couple that is tricky or hard for you – where you have a question or a decision point that represents a place you would like support or learning.

• Approximately 5 minutes, no to exceed 10
• Bring digital media on DVD or USB storage device

Where is it located and how do you get there?


Manoa Innovation Center
Presentation Room
2800 Woodlawn Drive

Manoa Innovation Center


  • Please share a bit about it, ie Stage 1, Stage 2, Enactments gone wrong, strident pursuers, shut-down withdrawers.
  • Please share a bit about it, ie Stage 1, Stage 2, Enactments gone wrong, strident pursuers, shut-down withdrawers.
    Participants must be familiar with and abide by professional and legal confidentiality requirements regarding all client information shared in the training. Certification in EFT is offered by ICEEFT based on completion of all requirements and demonstrated competence in the model. Completion of training does not guarantee competence or certification. Enrollment in this training constitutes an agreement to hold harmless The San Diego Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy, the Training and Research Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy (TRI-EFT), and all presenters and trainers from any and all claims, actions, and judgements, including all costs of defense and attorney’s fees incurred in defending against the same. I have read and agree to follow the terms for participation.
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