Beyond Core Skills™: Deepening Your Healing Work with Couples

San Francisco 2019/2020

Beyond Core Skills™: Deepening Your Healing Work With Couples

Beyond Core SKills™ comes again to San Francisco to help couple therapists improve their therapy skills.

This four-weekend course moves through the Tango and the Steps and Stages of EFT, deepening understanding and developing skills and strategies to better help couples heal their connection.

The course will emphasize the most up-to-date understanding of how to learn and practice EFT
as described in Sue Johnson’s new book, Attachment Theory in Practice.

Using videos of sessions, transcripts, and role-play exercises, we will focus on developing and
strengthening key EFT skills. Additional topics covered will include managing the crisis of affair discovery; the transition from stage 1 to stage 2; working with trauma in EFT, and more. And you will have the opportunity to bring a couple for a live session with one of the teaching team!

We want this to be a chance for everyone to gain confidence and skill, and to dive into the nuances of this complex work among a supportive community of fellow learners.

Enrollment is limited. CEUs will be provided.

Sarah Ackerman, co-developer of Beyond Core Skills™ brings her gift of presence and encouragement to the course.Sarah Ackerman:
Certified EFT Supervisor

Sarah Ackerman, MFT, Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor, has had a private practice in Berkeley for more than 25 years. Trained initially in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Women’s Therapy Center in El Cerrito and subsequently with the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis of Northern California, she has more recently been immersed in attachment based modalities, most notably Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy as well as Diana Fosha’s AEDP model for individuals. She works with adult individuals and couples. She also supervises learners of EFT, and has assisted in numerous Externships and Core Skills.. She has served on the board of the Northern California Community of EFT Therapists. Additionally she has a certification in Mind-Body Medicine from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in DC.

Jamie Bachman, co-developer of Beyond Core Skills™ is an experienced educator and facilitates the course to help others learn effective couple therapy.

Jamie Bachman:
Certified EFT Supervisor

Jamie Bachman, LCSW, Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor, is in private practice in Oakland. He works primarily with couples and also with families and individuals. Jamie provides individual and group consultation and supervision in EFT, and has assisted in numerous Externships and Core Skills, as well as conducting Hold Me Tight groups with Sarah. He is adjunct faculty at UC Berkeley’s MSW program, where he has taught Family Therapy and Theory and Practice classes. He is also on the faculty at the Psychotherapy Institute’s (TPI) Supervision Studies Program, and is a supervisor for TPI’s postgraduate training program in psychodynamic therapy. Jamie worked for 12 years in hospice, providing clinical supervision and management for social workers serving families facing end of life. Jamie has also received advanced training in AEDP and at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

Guest Facilitator – Joining during Module 4

Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen joins Sarah and Jamie to facilitate Beyond Core Skills™ Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD:
Certified EFT Supervisor and Trainer

Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD, Certified EFT Trainer and Supervisor, teaches the science of love to clinicians throughout the world. She has led EFT Externships and Core Skills in Northern California for more than ten years, mentoring Sarah and Jamie as they became Certified EFT Therapists and Supervisors. In 2018 they co-developed the course Beyond Core Skills™ seeing the need for more extensive training for EFT Therapists who have completed Core Skills, including certified EFT Therapists. She has taught and supervised EFT throughout North America, Scandinavia, Britain, Eastern Europe, New Zealand, Australia Mexico, Costa Rica and South Africa. In addition to her best-selling video courses Emotionally Focused Therapy: Step by Step and Emotionally Focused Therapy: A Complete Treatment, she has produced numerous webinars and online courses on effective therapy, relationship treatment, and secure, lasting love. She regularly runs Hold Me Tight for Therapists and Their Partners here in the Bay Area and abroad. She sees couples at her office in Baja California in an intensive therapy format. She holds a faculty position at Alliant International University, and is Director of the San Diego Center for EFT, as well as for the Training and Research Institute for EFT at Alliant.

With SPECIAL Attention to: Managing the Crises of Affair Discovery

With SPECIAL Attention to: Working with High Conflict Couples and Trauma

With SPECIAL Attention to: Addressing issues of safety that arise from privilege and oppression

With SPECIAL Attention to: How to Transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2

What recent participants said about this training:

Beyond Core Skills™ was an exceptional learning experience! Sarah, Jamie, and Rebecca's thoughtful building of concepts, depth of knowledge, and time spent on special topics made this training invaluable to EFT learners of all levels. My learning in Beyond Core Skills has markedly increased the clarity and intentionality I bring to my work with clients and supervisees. I am so grateful for the warm, skillful, and personalized teaching I experienced.

Sonja Yount, LMFT, EFT Supervisor Candidate

Beyond Core Skills™ was an incredibly beneficial and enjoyable experience that I would recommend to any trained EFT Therapist who still finds themselves wondering, “but how do I stick to the model in THIS unique / perplexing / challenging situation with THIS unique / perplexing / challenging couple?!” In short, all of us. Sarah, Jamie and Becca are gifted educators and clinicians, with true mastery of EFT. They create a rich learning environment that leaves plenty of room for exploration and individual experience, while remaining faithful to the theory and interventions that guide our EFT practice.. I am very grateful that I devoted my time, energy and training budget to Beyond Core Skills. It made me a more competent, confident EFT therapist. Thank you!

Jessica Muzio, LMFT, Certified EFT Therapist

Beyond Core Skills™ went way beyond my expectations... I left each weekend with a much better grip on EFT, and with concrete ways I could boost my own work with my couples. The group was safe and supportive, and the role plays were immensely educational. Jamie, Sarah and Becca really know their stuff in an academic and experiential way. I'm so glad I took this course, and I'm seriously considering going through it again to continue deepening my understanding and skill.

Marcy Reda, LCSW

It was wonderful to learn from the team, who are so warm. Their compassion supported vulnerability in my learning process. I could feel my client work deepening and sharpening while in the course. I learned so much and want to take the next round of the course, both for the supportive community and because there is so much to learn, and the team made the process so fun.

Penny Felbrich, LMFT

The Beyond Core Skills™ course has provided a transformational boost in my ability to understand and apply EFT with couples... With a beautiful balance of didactic presentations, demonstration sessions with live couples and experiential role plays, the EFT model came to life for me…. Our three instructors, Sarah, Jamie and Rebecca really walk the talk in terms of embodying EFT principles. With their warmth, "relentless empathy," depth of experience and humility, they provided an experience of safety and acceptance that enabled all of us to embrace challenges and take risks. I can say that though I've been practicing couples therapy for decades, this course taught me to become way more fluent in the language of attachment. Perhaps the best recommendation is that I see the results with my couples who are feeling safer to take more risks to share their vulnerabilities and attachment longings with one another.

Karen Robson, LMFT

Beyond Core Skills™ has given me a greater sense of clarity and focus about all of the steps and stages of the EFT model that has been indispensable...After each module, the clarity and focus it gave me helped impart so much positive energy for my work. When I returned to my practice the work felt lighter… In my opinion, Beyond Core Skills has been the most valuable of all EFT trainings so far! It has helped me begin to further integrate and consolidate my understanding of the model. I highly recommend all aspiring EFT clinicians make it part of their journey of learning this amazing beautiful model!

Chari Goldstein, LMFT


Alliant International University
1 Beach Street
San Francisco, California 94133


Participants must be licensed or in training to be licensed. They must be working with couples, and have completed an EFT Externship and Core Skills training.


$1800 full investment or 4 installments of $475.

$1700 early bird payment due before 8/15/2019.

Pre-licensed Clinician Discount:
$1500 in full or 4 installments of $525

$30 for one CEU certificate of 52 hours upon completing the course.

Lodging and food not included. A minimum of 16 participants is required for the training to proceed.

Payment can be made online or by mail. Payment for each weekend is due 3 weeks before the Friday meeting.


Module One: October 11 & 12, 2019

Module Two: December 13 & 14, 2019

Module Three:  February 14 & 15, 2020

Module Four:  April 17 & 18,  2020


10:00 am- 6:00pm both days.


52 hours of continuing education units are available by completing all modules of this course. If you need CEUs, there is a separate $30 fee for one certificate.

Limited Seats 

This course is limited to a maximum of 21 attendees. Attendance based on first-come basis. Registration and payment must both be completed to be enrolled.


Email: Jamie at


Completing the registration and first payment add the applicant to the cohort group for all four modules of the training and reserves the space for the whole course.  Click here to register.