Therapist Warmth – Creating Change in Couple Therapy

Therapist Warmth – Creating Change in Couple Therapy


Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it help you see more real results in your couple therapy.

More safety. More alliance. More change.

1. Learn To Use The Most Powerful Signals
    Calm things down with “Non Verbals” in just minutes

• Why non-verbals work so well and so fast. Which non-verbals most powerfully communicate safety and change the tone in distressed sessions.
• The common blocks therapist have to communicate consciously with non-verbals.
• Discover your own specific blocks to ensure you can use non-verbals when you need them most with full congruency, so even you feel safe in session.

2. Phrases That Boost Confidence In Sharing Warmth
    Key phrases – based on research – that immediately increase warmth

• How to use language to calm your couples so you can generate more warmth between partners.
• How to create perfect phrases so your new language of warmth integrates with your own style.
• How to securely share your images of change so you can increase the effective use of warmth.

3. Identify Pivotal Moments When Warmth Produces Change
    How to use questions, frustration and dispair to draw your couples closer

• The #1 mistake that therapists make with clients’ distress & how to avoid it.
• How and when to use content to increase warmth.
• The fall back technique to use when you feel blocked, ineffective, or worried about helping the arguing couple in front of you.

4. Empathy Efficiency
    How to use your empathy, knowledge and support most effectively

• Worksheets to complete so you learn to implement warmth authentically.
• How to use “Monitor, Match and Move” during session so your couples have the professional warmth they need from you.
• How empathy creates additional support to calm even your most distressed couples.

5. Our personal take on compassion, expression and bridging
    Our tools, behaviors, and expressions that help with aggressive clients, and more…

• Get access to the exact tools, data, and research we use to create in session change with distressed couples.
• Simple & free online videos and resources.
• Our favorite ways to be more effective and intentional using warmth, while keeping a highly professional presence.
• The ways we get blocked from conveying warmth and what we do about it. You get our own “bag of tricks” and we’ll help you create your own too.

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Handouts  & Worksheets

COST: $59
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